Darren Gill 30 years service at SAM

As Darren marks on his 30 years at SAM, we take a look back on his journey. In 1992, Darren Gill, affectionately known as Darno, embarked on his journey with SAM. Back then, the company was small, with only a few employees and minimal health and safety regulations. Darren’s initial motivation was to fund his social life, but he quickly became a dedicated worker despite the manual labor and challenging conditions.

30 Years of Personal and Professional Growth for Darren at SAM

As SAM expanded, so did Darren’s personal life. Meeting his wife Melanie around the time SAM moved to a larger facility marked a significant turning point. The new factory, with 20-30 employees, allowed Darren to balance his work and family life effectively. Over the years, Darren has seen improvements in the working environment, including better health and safety standards, more staff, and attractive bonuses.

Recognition for 30 Years at SAM for Darren

Darren’s 30-year commitment to SAM was celebrated during a recent company quarterly update. CEO Sam McCrea presented Darren with an award, highlighting his dedication and contributions. “Congratulations Darno on reaching 30 years,” said Sam McCrea. “It has been a great pleasure working with you. You are a real asset to SAM, and I hope you will be with the company for many more years.”

The Evolution of SAM

Darren’s story is intertwined with SAM’s growth from a small factory to the UK’s leading manufacturer of MDF mouldings. SAM now offers a wide range of products, including skirting and architrave, door frames, window board, stair accessories, kitchen mouldings, picture frames, cladding, fascia and soffit, decorative bargeboard, and window components. These products are available in various finishes, reflecting SAM’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Celebrating Dedication and Success

Darren’s achievement is a testament to his loyalty and the strong sense of community within SAM. His dedication, hard work, and positive attitude have made him a valued team member and an inspiration to his colleagues. The 30 years at SAM for Darren mirrors the company’s evolution and success, showcasing the company’s commitment to its employees and their development.

Looking Ahead

As Darren Gill continues his 30 years of service with SAM, the company looks forward to many more years of success and growth together. His story is not just a personal milestone but also a celebration of SAM’s achievements over the past three decades.

A huge congratulations to Darren for reaching this fantastic and very impressive milestone!

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Pictured L-R: Paul Lavery (Chief Financial Officer), Gerard Wilson (Sales Director), Tim Patton (ICT Director), Sarah Shaw (Financial Director), Darren Gill, Sam McCrea (CEO), Cat McCrea (Director), Mark Kirkpatrick (Technical Director)