MDF product improvements

SAM, the UK’s leading manufacturer of MDF mouldings, has committed £1 million to improve its product range and customer service in 2023. This substantial investment is part of SAM’s ongoing dedication to innovation and quality. Therefore, further ensuring their MDF products meet the highest standards in the industry.

MDF Product Improvements – New Primed Finish

One of the major upgrades is the introduction of a new primed finish for MDF mouldings. This enhancement offers a brighter and whiter product with a smoother surface. The improved finish not only meets but exceeds current market expectations. Thus, providing customers with a product that stands out for its quality and aesthetic appeal.

MDF Product Improvements – Enhanced Product Quality

The smoother surface of the new primed finish is a significant upgrade. This improvement means that the mouldings require less preparation before painting, saving time and effort for contractors and housebuilders. The superior finish also ensures a more professional look, which is crucial for projects where attention to detail and quality are paramount.

Customer Benefits

The investment in product quality is expected to have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. SAM’s commitment to excellence means that their products will continue to be the preferred choice for many in the construction and building industries. Merchant customers, such as Paul Broomhead the national account manager from Jewson, have already expressed their enthusiasm for the improvements, anticipating that the enhanced products will attract more customers and increase sales. Broomhead noted,“It is fantastic to see SAM continuing to invest and deliver a new and improved product. It’ll really enhance our offering as a result. The brighter and whiter product will without doubt capture our customers’ attention and help us to stand out from the competition.

“The smoother finish will achieve a more superior final result, saving our customers time on site. The substantial financial investment that SAM has made to improve their products is impressive and it’s great to be able to offer our customers a broader product range into 2023. We are excited about the future partnership and to see how SAM’s investment continues to improve the products we sell.”

Broader Impact on the Industry

This investment is not just about improving product quality; it’s about setting a new standard in the industry. By investing in product improvements, SAM is positioning itself as a leader in innovation within the MDF mouldings market. This move is expected to encourage other manufacturers to elevate their standards, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.

Future Developments

Cat McCrea, Joint Managing Director at SAM comments: “We pride ourselves on quality and service and want to ensure we are always bringing the best products to our customers. This initial one million pound investment is the first of many improvements we will be making in 2023 to strengthen our stock range and lead times. Through our customer network, we want to give contractors and house builders the confidence that they will achieve the best possible standard and finish on their MDF mouldings, and this new primed finish does exactly that.”

SAM – Home of MDF

SAM’s £1 million investment in product improvements for 2023 is a significant step towards maintaining and enhancing their reputation as the UK’s leading manufacturer of MDF mouldings. The introduction of a new primed finish, and plans for future improvements all demonstrate SAM’s dedication to quality and innovation. Customers can expect superior products that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Therefore, ensuring that SAM remains a trusted name in the industry.