MDF Mouldings for mobile homes

MDF Mouldings for mobile homesIf you’re considering specifying MDF mouldings for holiday homes but aren’t sure if they are tough and reliable enough to withstand the wear and tear that these properties can often be subjected to by either guests or owners, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we will look at how MDF mouldings can certainly provide the durability required for mobile homes. It’s simply a question of selecting the right products for the job. Specifically, fully finished or wrapped MDF skirting boards. 

Why use MDF mouldings in holiday homes? 

There’s nothing like going on holiday and finding that your accommodation is luxurious and well-appointed, making you feel like royalty for your much-deserved getaway. For those of us in the business of designing and building mobile homes, one of our challenges is to make those interiors look incredible, while also ensuring they are durable. 

Mark Kirkpatrick, technical director here at SAM, explains: “MDF mouldings, such as skirting boards and architrave, give interiors a professional finish and appearance.” He adds: “In a mobile home, MDF mouldings can transform a space, making it feel just as substantial and comfortable as a traditionally built structure.” 

But it’s not just their aesthetic qualities that make MDF mouldings a great choice for mobile home projects. Mark says: “MDF mouldings can also bring practical advantages to a mobile home project. Specifically, the easy installation, minimal waste and long-term durability.” So which products will ensure you enjoy those benefits? Keep reading…  

Which MDF mouldings are suitable for mobile homes? 

We recommend choosing fully finished MDF mouldings for holiday homes. This is because they arrive on site ready to be installed – no sanding, priming or painting required. There’s minimal waste involved because MDF is a consistent product with no knots or defects to cut out. 

Fully finished MDF skirting boards and architrave also provide excellent durability and performance. They can withstand the heavy footfall that’s often associated with the parks and leisure sector. Moreover, the pre-applied finishes are long-lasting and reliable. 

For rooms with high heat or humidity, such as kitchens or bathrooms, be sure to pick a product made from moisture resistant MDF. While standard MDF will blow or distort when exposed to the steamy conditions caused by cooking or bathing, moisture resistant MDF will hold its shape. All SAM MDF mouldings are of course made using moisture resistant MDF. 

Fully finished MDF mouldings: what are the options? 

When choosing fully finished MDF mouldings, your options include pre-painted products, such as SAM Zero. These fully finished skirting boards and architrave have a smooth, factory-applied finish. Which otherwise would be difficult and time-consuming to achieve on-site. If you don’t want the final coating pre-applied, our SAM Mouldings range includes primed MDF skirting and architrave that can be finished on-site to achieve your design intent. 

There is also SAM Wrap. It comes in a choice of:

  • PVC-wrapped – Provides a great alternative to plastic mouldings
  • Real wood veneer wrapped – An alternative to solid timber

These skirting boards and architrave can be provided with plain, or woodgrain finishes and a choice of textures. They are also easy to install and maintain and provide a very high-quality aesthetic.  

All SAM MDF mouldings can be delivered cut to size. Moreover, with our just-in-time delivery service, you won’t have to worry about logistics or on-site storage either.  

To find out more about SAM’s range of fully finished MDF mouldings for mobile homes, please download our product catalogue. You can also request samples or get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your project in more detail. 

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