MDF Mouldings

MDF Mouldings

Here at SAM, one of the questions we’re most commonly asked is whether our MDF mouldings are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens. After all, we all know what happens to standard MDF if it gets wet – it swells up. Even when it dries out, the shape is gone forever. So, how could MDF possibly be used in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture from bathing and cooking could cause the skirting boards and architrave to blow? 

Well, the key is in choosing high-quality moisture-resistant MDF products that won’t warp or deteriorate in high-moisture environments. And the good news is that the entire SAM range of fully finished skirting boards and architrave is made using this high-quality MDF. That means you can rest assured the products will maintain that ‘freshly installed’ appearance. Even after they’ve been subjected to moisture. 

How do MDF mouldings deal with excess moisture in kitchens and bathrooms? 

So, what makes moisture-resistant MDF… well, moisture resistant? Mark Kirkpatrick, technical director at SAM, explains. 

 “All MDF products contain a combination of ground-up timber and resin. Moisture-resistant MDF (also known as MR MDF) contains a special resin that repels moisture and prevents water from being absorbed.” 

He also points out that a factory-applied finish can also keep the problem of moisture at bay: “Applying a finish to MDF mouldings or opting for fully finished skirting boards can also support this resistance to moisture.” 

He adds: “By choosing products made from MR MDF and ensuring they are fully finished, you can be sure that the MDF mouldings will withstand the heat and moisture that are commonly found in kitchen and bathroom settings, such as in holiday homes.” Mark also notes that, whether made of MDF or natural softwood, no timber mouldings can withstand being submerged in water for a prolonged period. 

The appearance benefits of MDF mouldings for the parks and leisure sector 

In any interior, a high-quality finish is a must, and it’s especially important when building or refurbishing holiday homes and park homes. After all, you want guests or potential owners to feel comfortable and satisfied. MDF mouldings make it easy to create elegant interiors that can cope with the extreme wear and tear that they’re exposed to.  

Depending on your design preferences, MDF mouldings, such as skirting boards and architrave can be provided primed with a smooth finish that’s ready to be painted. They can also be supplied pre-finished. With the wide range of options from SAM, it’s easy to find a product that complements any interior. 

For example, SAM Zero fully finished skirting boards and architrave are supplied pre-finished using an acrylic top coat and two coats of primer for a high-quality sheen and durability. Alternatively, SAM Wrap MDF mouldings are available with a PVC wrap for a more durable alternative to plastic mouldings. Wood veneer wraps are also available; they require varnishing on-site. 

Other benefits of MDF mouldings for the parks and leisure sector

While appearance is important, there are, of course, other things to think about when choosing mouldings for residential mobile homes. Some of the other benefits of fully finished MDF mouldings include: 

  • They’re easy to install: Skirting boards, architrave, window board and other MDF mouldings are easy to cut to size. They can also be supplied in custom lengths. This makes installation easy, saving time and money. 
  • They’re durable: Fully finished or wrapped MDF products provide suitable durability for park and leisure homes. 
  • They help to reduce waste: Unlike natural timber, MDF is free from defects and knots. This helps to prevent waste during installation, as the MDF mouldings are always consistent and smooth for easy cutting. 
  • They are reliable: We keep extensive stocks of our products for consistent availability. We also work closely with our customers to meet their scheduling needs. 

Try SAM fully finished skirting boards and architrave on your next parks and leisure home project 

SAM MDF mouldings, such as our range of SAM Zero fully finished skirting boards and architrave provide a simple way to create beautiful interiors, and they’re a perfect choice for park and leisure projects, including kitchens and bathrooms in holiday homes. 

To learn more about our product range, please download our latest catalogue. You can also request a sample to see and feel the quality of our products for yourself. 

SAM – Home of MDF 

For more than 30 years, SAM has been a trusted manufacturer of MDF mouldings for the construction and home improvement industries. With more than 250 different products to choose from, we offer styles and finishing options to suit any design aesthetic, and our large stock capacity ensures reliable availability. Our entire range is also backed by our friendly and professional support team. 

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