Investor in People Gold accreditation

SAM has maintained Investor in People Gold accreditation for another year against the Investors in People Standard. Investors in People enables organisations to benchmark against the best in the business on an international scale.

Maintaining the Gold accreditation for another year during these uncertain times further reinforces SAM as a global leader in people management. This achievement underscores SAM’s unwavering commitment to excellence in employee development and organisational growth, even amid challenges. By consistently meeting the high standards required for the Investor in People Gold accreditation, SAM demonstrates its dedication to fostering a supportive and effective work environment. This recognition not only highlights SAM’s leadership in the field but also enhances its reputation as a company that prioritises its people and their professional growth.

SAM continues to demonstrate their commitment to leading, supporting, and managing their people effectively to achieve desirable results. By implementing comprehensive training programs and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, SAM ensures that every team member is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel. This proactive approach not only drives individual performance but also contributes to the overall success and sustainability of the organisation. SAM’s dedication to effective people management is evident in their consistent ability to meet and exceed industry standards, positioning them as a benchmark for excellence.

Commenting on the Investor in People gold accreditation achievement, SAM McCrea CEO said, “Maintaining IIP Gold for another year is testament to how we have invested in our people during these uncertain times. It is a great credit to the whole workforce.”

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