fully finished MDF mouldings

fully finished MDF mouldingsIn the parks and leisure sector, appearance is, of course, essential. You want occupants to feel a sense of comfort and satisfaction when they walk into their accommodation for the first time. Achieving this is all about attention to detail – from the light fixtures down to the floorboards, and everything in between. Fully finished MDF skirting boards, architraves, door framing and stops, wall panelling, and ceiling coving, for example, give an interior a high-quality finishing touch. They also boast long-lasting good looks, ease of installation, durability and reliability. Let’s talk about these benefits in more detail. 

Save time with fully finished MDF mouldings 

One of the top advantages of using fully finished MDF mouldings is that they save time and, therefore, money. Mark Kirkpatrick, technical director at SAM explains: “Unfinished mouldings typically have a low up-front cost that can be tempting. But any savings disappear quickly when you add on-site labour costs. Especially the prep work that’s needed for a high-quality finish.” 

Mark points out that with unfinished mouldings, installers must cut, sand, prime, paint and repaint them, all before they enter the building. “The cost of all that work adds up fast,” he says.  

“With fully finished MDF mouldings such as skirting boards, architrave, door framing and stops, wall panelling, and ceiling coving, they arrive on-site with a factory-applied finish that looks smooth and professional. They are ready to be cut and installed. We can even cut mouldings to size, saving even more time and money.” 

Mark also adds that with SAM’s tailored delivery service, items are delivered to your manufacturing plant exactly when needed: “This means you don’t have to worry about on-site storage, freeing up a lot of space to hold stock, as well as reducing waste and other associated costs.” 

Other benefits

As well as the time savings that fully finished MDF mouldings bring to a project, they benefit park and leisure home projects in other ways:

  • Durability: Fully finished MDF mouldings are highly durable and can easily withstand temperature fluctuations. Here at SAM, all our fully finished MDF mouldings are made of moisture-resistant MDF, making them a reliable option for all rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms. 
  • Reliable availability: SAM’s most popular profiles are kept in consistently high stock, so products are always available when needed.  
  • Less waste: Natural softwood products often have knots and other defects that must be removed before installation, but fully finished MDF mouldings have a consistent structure. This means the entire product can be used, and there will be minimal waste to account for in the budget. 

What types of fully finished MDF mouldings are available? 

Fully finished MDF mouldings are available in a variety of finishes. In turn, providing design flexibility and making it easy to find the right product for your project. The SAM range includes: 

  • Fully finished MDF mouldings – SAM Zero mouldings are finished with two coats of primer and an acrylic topcoat for an attractive sheen. These are specified as white RAL9003.       
  • Wrapped mouldingsSAM Wrap MDF mouldings are covered with wood veneer or PVC for a consistent, high-quality appearance. PVC is the most popular option for park and leisure homes because it is highly durable, resistant to chipping and doesn’t show minor scuffs and scratches. 

Also available, SAM Mouldings are an alternative to fully finished MDF mouldings. They are provided with two coats of water-based primer. Additionally, they only require only a quick sanding before being finished with your choice of coating 

SAM’s wide range of fully finished MDF mouldings 

The SAM range makes it easy to source fully finished MDF interior mouldings to create high-quality interiors for parks and leisure homes. The SAM range includes: 

  • Skirting Boards 

SAM’s fully finished skirting boards are pre-finished, ensuring a consistent, professional appearance and simplifying the installation process. Available in a range of styles and finishes, SAM’s skirting boards enhance both the durability and aesthetic appeal of any room in park and leisure homes. 

  • Architrave 

SAM’s architrave offers a refined finishing touch around door and window frames. This adds an elegant transition between the wall and the opening. Pre-finished for a flawless look, these mouldings are easy to install and contribute to the overall interior design by seamlessly blending with other mouldings and fixtures in park and leisure homes. 

  • Door Frames and Stops 

SAM’s door frames and stops are designed to provide a perfect finish for doorways. These mouldings are pre-finished to ensure a smooth, professional look and easy installation. Therefore, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of doors in park and leisure homes. 

  • Wall Panelling 

SAM’s wall panelling options add an extra layer of elegance and texture to interiors. Available in various styles and finishes, these panels can transform the look of any room. Thus, providing a stylish and durable solution that’s also easy to maintain. 

  • Ceiling Coving 

Ceiling coving from SAM offers a decorative touch that adds character to rooms. Finished to a high standard, these mouldings are easy to install and help to create a seamless transition between walls and ceilings. In turn, enhancing the overall interior design. 

 To find out more, download our catalogue or request a sample. You can also contact a member of our team to discuss your project requirements in more detail.. 

SAM – Home of MDF 

For more than 30 years, SAM has been a trusted manufacturer of MDF mouldings for the 

construction and home improvement industries. With more than 250 different products to choose from, we offer styles and finishing options to suit any design aesthetic, and our large stock capacity ensures reliable availability. Our entire range is also backed by our friendly and professional support team. 

 At SAM, we pride ourselves on being trusted, reliable, and personal. Therefore, ensuring that every customer receives the highest level of service and satisfaction.