SAM's Easter charity raffle

SAM's Easter charity raffle
[vc_column_textSAM’s very first Charity Easter Raffle turned out to be a ‘cracking’ idea, bringing joy and excitement to the entire team. The initiative was a resounding success. All money raised from the raffle generously donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, a cause close to many of our hearts. The raffle featured an array of delectable treats and delightful surprises, creating a buzz of anticipation throughout the event. A handful of lucky SAM employees with winning tickets enjoyed these tasty treats, adding an extra layer of fun to the festivities.

Alongside SAM’s charity Easter raffle, team members had the delightful opportunity to become the ‘clucky’ recipients of charming, hand-knitted chicks for a modest £1 donation. Each adorable chick came with its very own Crème Egg, adding a sweet surprise to the Easter festivities. This thoughtful initiative was made possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of Grace Cahoon’s mum and auntie. These ladies took the time to lovingly knit each chick. A big thank you goes to them for their craftsmanship and generosity. Thank you to Grace for enthusiastically going around the factory to sell them. Their combined efforts brought smiles to many faces and raised funds for a good cause, making this Easter truly special for everyone involved.

Thank You for Joining SAM’s Easter Charity Raffle!

Congratulations to everyone who won, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated. Your enthusiasm and generosity have made a significant impact, and we are incredibly grateful for your support. The success of SAM’s Easter Raffle has set a high bar. We are already looking forward to next year’s event. Let’s hope that next year’s Easter Raffle can be as ‘egg-cellent’ as this year’s, if not better. With the continued support and participation of our fantastic team, we are confident that future raffles will bring even more joy and contributions to worthy causes. Thank you once again for making this event truly memorable


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