SAM Company Values

The team is dedicated to exemplifying the SAM company values through a new initiative called TWIRL. This program, an acronym standing for Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, and Loyalty, is designed to encourage employees to recognise and also commend their colleagues who embody these principles.

TWIRL Portal: Fostering a Culture of Recognition

The TWIRL portal allows every SAM employee to log in and acknowledge their coworkers’ efforts to go above and beyond in demonstrating the company’s values. This system is user-friendly and accessible. Therefore, ensuring that all team members can participate in fostering a supportive and value-driven work environment.

Monthly Recognition and Rewards

Each month, different departments within SAM are tasked with reviewing the nominations submitted via the TWIRL portal. Moreover, they select individuals who have displayed outstanding adherence to the company’s values. The chosen employees are rewarded with a £25 voucher, serving both as a token of appreciation and a motivation to continue their exemplary behaviour.

First Winner: Ryan Dowell

The TWIRL initiative was launched in January, with the first winner being Ryan Dowell, a day shift factory operative. Ryan’s recognition highlights the program’s effectiveness in promoting positive behaviour and also dedication among the workforce.

Feedback from SAM HR

Shauna McErlain, SAM’s HR Manager, expressed her satisfaction with the program’s impact. She noted, “It was great to see so many people utilising TWIRL to recognise their work colleagues for going over and above the company values. Well done to all who were recognised, there were some exemplary behaviours submitted.”

SAM Company Values: Keeping the Momentum

The success of the TWIRL program is evident not only in the number of nominations but also in the positive feedback from employees. The initiative has created a ripple effect, encouraging more team members to engage actively with the company’s core values. Moreover, the SAM team continues to be updated on TWIRL’s progress and upcoming winners through the company’s social media pages, fostering a sense of community and ongoing enthusiasm.

SAM Company Values: Why TWIRL Matters

  1. Encouraging Best Practices: The TWIRL initiative reinforces the importance of SAM’s core values. Thus, encouraging employees to integrate these principles into their daily work routines.
  2. Building a Positive Work Culture: By recognising and rewarding positive behaviour, SAM is building a supportive and collaborative work environment. Therefore, ensuring employees feel valued and motivated.
  3. Promoting Employee Engagement: The monthly rewards and recognition keep employees engaged. Therefore, driving them to consistently perform at their best and contribute to the company’s success.
  4. Enhancing Team Spirit: TWIRL fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Thus, maintaining high morale and productivity within the company.

Looking Ahead for the SAM Company Values

SAM is committed to maintaining the momentum of the TWIRL program and continually promoting its core values. By doing so, the company aims to create a lasting culture of excellence, integrity, and mutual respect. The ongoing success of this initiative is a testament to SAM’s dedication to its employees and its mission to lead by example in the industry.

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