SAM surpasses industry standards with NPS of 78

SAM surpasses industry standards with NPS of 78

SAM Surpasses Industry Standards with NPS of 78

In an impressive demonstration of customer service excellence and product quality, SAM, the home of MDF mouldings, has announced a ground-breaking achievement in customer loyalty and satisfaction. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78, SAM has significantly surpassed the manufacturing industry’s average score of 49, marking a milestone in the company’s history.

Unveiling SAM’s Customer Service Excellence

SAM’s recent NPS survey, an integral part of the company’s ongoing commitment to service development, has highlighted its exceptional performance in customer satisfaction. Conducted annually, the survey measures the likelihood of customers recommending SAM’s services to peers. The survey categorises responses on a zero to ten scale into Promoters, Passives, or Detractors with SAM achieving a superb result highlighting 78% of its customers are Promoters.

This milestone is especially significant within the industry, where the average score for manufacturing is 49. This achievement is particularly noteworthy, where customer satisfaction is a crucial determinant of success and the foundation of lasting partnerships. SAM’s exceptional score also reinforces the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards of customer service and product quality.

Key Findings and Customer Impressions

The NPS survey further revealed that 98% of customers were satisfied with their interactions with SAM, and none dissatisfied. Customers praised SAM’s “friendly and professional staff,” who consistently exceed expectations, reflecting SAM’s commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to providing impeccable quality products and service to its customer base.

A Journey of Continuous Improvement to Reach an NPS of 78

SAM’s journey to achieving this remarkable NPS score reflects a sustained effort to enhance customer satisfaction. From a score of 32 in 2015, SAM has shown remarkable progress, overcoming challenges such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This upward trajectory is a testament to SAM’s investment in delivering the right products at the right time, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations.

Leadership and Team Effort

SAM has invested in its commitment to bringing the right products to the right place, on time and in full. Alongside setting the bar for impeccable customer service.

Gerard Wilson, Sales Director at SAM, is thrilled about reaching an NPS of 78, noting how the score has further strengthened SAM’s brand in the marketplace. “This amazing success highlights the commitment of the team and just how hard we work together. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved together and so thankful to our customers for their trust and support.”

Looking Forward

It’s clear to see that behind SAM’s success are its people, who have played pivotal roles in achieving this record-breaking score. We would like to say a huge well done and sincere thank you for your consistent hard work and commitment to the SAM company values of teamwork, integrity, respect, and loyalty.

As SAM celebrates this achievement, it looks forward to continuing its ongoing pursuit of excellence, aiming to set new records and further elevate customer satisfaction in the coming financial year.

This exceptional NPS score is a clear indicator of SAM’s leading position in the market, driven by a relentless commitment to customer service and also product quality. As SAM continues to build on this success, it remains dedicated to fostering strong, long lasting and very successful relationships with its customers

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