25th year with SAM

Mark Kirkpatrick, SAM Technical Director (Left) and Gerard Wilson, SAM Sales Director (right) celebrating their 25th year with SAM.

Mark Kirkpatrick and Gerard Wilson recently celebrated their 25th year with SAM, marking a significant milestone in their careers. Gerard reflected on his time at SAM, expressing that the years have flown by due to the dynamic and inspiring environment of the company. He emphasised how much he has enjoyed his time there, appreciating the great people he has met along the way, and he looks forward to continuing his journey with SAM for a few more years.

Mark shared his thoughts on the company’s growth and evolution over the past 25 years. When he first joined SAM, the company had just 14 employees. Now, it has expanded to employ over 200 people across two manufacturing sites. Despite this substantial growth, Mark highlighted that SAM has retained the same family values and culture that it had when he started. This consistency in values and culture has played a crucial role in the company’s success and has fostered a supportive and engaging work environment.

Both Mark and Gerard’s reflections on their 25th year with SAM, underscore the importance of a positive workplace culture and the impact it can have on employee satisfaction and retention. SAM’s ability to maintain its core values while expanding significantly is a testament to its strong leadership and commitment to its employees. This milestone is not just a celebration of Mark and Gerard’s tenure but also a celebration of SAM’s enduring values and the community it has built over the years.