TED Talks for Construction Industry Professionals

If you haven’t discovered TED talks yet, where have you been? This collection of inspirational seminars hosted on the iconic TED conference stage are made to get our brain cogs turning. Moreover, topics are varied, including business, science, tech and more. Basically, there’s something to inspire and educate almost everyone. To save you browsing reams of this invigorating content, we’ve put together 9 TED Talks for construction industry professionals, that we think you should watch. These include talks on the importance of innovation, adaptability, building relationships and also the importance of architecture, to name a few. You may be surprised how relatable some of the messages may be. Have a watch and see which one offers you some food for thought.

1. 3 ways to measure your adaptability – and how to improve it: Natalie Fratto

Adaptability itself is a form of intelligence. Delve into Natalie Fratto’s talk which explains how our adaptability can be measured, tested and also improved, especially today where technological change is forcing us to adapt quicker than ever before.


2. What a scrapyard in Ghana can teach us about innovation: DK Osseo-Asare

A scrapyard in Ghana takes everyday scrap and turns it into something new that is valuable and fit for a whole different purpose. Be inspired by ‘urban mining’ with this fascinating talk by DK Osseo-Assare and get some ideas on how to be more innovative while also being less wasteful.


3. Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by…you: Marc Kushner

The beauty of buildings is that they reflect stories and memories, they can truly be personal spaces. Marc Kushner looks at what he calls ‘predictable buildings’, built for functions, like schools or libraries. This talk shows some great examples of functional buildings with a modern twist, creating beautifully unique spaces that are still fit for purpose.


4. Reigniting creativity in business: Alan Iny

Staff are often gathered together in meetings and asked to ‘think outside the box’. Alan Iny insists that the key to creativity is doubt – “Doubt that doubt is bad, doubt that the way you’ve always gotten things done will always work”. Take a look back at the starting point of some of the most recognisable companies across the world that decided to look at themselves differently, therefore, resulting in business growth.


5. What consumers want: Joseph Pine

Customers are demanding more and more for authenticity when dealing with goods and services. Let Joseph talk you through the idea of being true to yourself and to others, and how this can help you engage and also delight your customers.


6. TED’s secret to great public speaking: Chris Anderson

You may have noticed that all those who take the stage at TED talks are exceptional public speakers. Even if you aren’t propelled into the spotlight often, there are some great tips here to help improve communication and build confidence.


7. Why you should bring your whole self to work: Dan Clay

As a partner of a renowned company, Dan thought if he brought his whole self to work that his colleagues would feel less respect towards him or disregard his authority. His alter drag ego then went viral online, so there was no escape. However, to Dan’s surprise, the attitude of his colleagues changed in a positive way, with a more honest and trusting relationship built within the team.


8. What’s next in 3D printing? Avi Reichental

The possibilities with 3D printing are endless and can be very beneficial. Avi Reichental explains how we can take processes from the past, like the art of cobbling, and modernise them with new technology – “honouring the past by manufacturing the future”.


9. This is what makes employees happy at work: Michael C. Bush

What makes you happy on the job? Michael C. Bush gives a short and insightful explanation of what makes employees happy in their workplace, offering some great advice on how as a company you can cater to your employees better, resulting in decreased employee turnover and an overall more positive working environment.


Hopefully, you are now feeling refreshed and motivated, armed with new-found knowledge on how to be more proactive and efficient at work and in your personal life. Which TED talk was the most beneficial for you? Why not share some of these inspiring talks with your team. Set some short-term goals with relevant incentives to prepare them for the year ahead.

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