Rural New Build, Coleraine


“I can’t believe it’s not real oak!”

Using SAM Wrap enabled Amanda McKendry to achieve the ‘modern, but country’ aesthetic and quality finish she wanted for her rural new build in Northern Ireland. The savings enabled her to add flourishes she wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.


The Challenge:

Finding skirting boards, architraves and sill boards for a 2,800ft2 private house in the country that offered the style and class that the owner wanted at an affordable price. The owner wanted to give the property a contemporary feel that also reflected its rural setting.


The Back Story:

Amanda was building a private house in Northern Ireland in a rural area of outstanding natural beauty. The aim was to build a new home that would allow the family to enjoy the beautiful views on offer but also preserve the essence of the area in its internal styling.

“I wanted a modern house to take advantage of the view but, coming from a farm, I also wanted the country feel in the house, so I wanted to bring the outside in if you like.  One of the challenges was finding a supplier who could provide the aesthetic and quality that we wanted at an affordable price.”


The Solution:

A neighbour who had previously used SAM products to decorate an ornate country house advised Amanda to check out their products:

“SAM came very highly recommended as a company to use.  I did some research on the web and the product range was very, very good.”

A call to the company convinced her that SAM could provide all the skirting boards, architraves and sill boards for the house in the style that she wanted.

“The staff were very helpful from the start.  Not only were they helpful, they were also knowledgeable. They understood the product, understood the environments it could be used in and how to look after the product. I really couldn’t fault them.”

Using SAM Wrap products meant that she could install white oak veneer products that complemented the oak timbers used in the house’s kitchen, living rooms, and dining rooms. This allowed her to choose design features that would have been out of her budget if they were made from hardwood.

So instead of using 18mm architraves, she could afford to add a hockey stick to extend the architraves to a more luxurious 32 mm. It gave the doorways an archway feel that was more consistent with the country house styling.

The SAM Wrap products proved popular with the tradesmen working on the house due to the ease of installation. Using these products reduced waste and man hours as they were ordered to fit and ready to be lacquered.

“There’s very little work to do on the SAM Wrap.  The finish on it when they applied the lacquer was just amazing. Th decorator could not believe that it wasn’t actually oak.”

The other thing was how little wastage there was with the product.

“I used oak timbers on the alcove ceilings through the kitchen, living rooms, and dining rooms. I saw firsthand the wastage that was coming from that. There was quite a bit of material left over that lit the free for us for some time. But there was very little wastage left over from the SAM Wrap range. If you’re buying a 5.1 metre length, you get 5.1 metres of usable product.”


The Result:

SAM Wrap products were easy to install but the high standard finish of these products allowed them to blend in seamlessly with the oak timbers that were used throughout the house. The owner was able to remain true to her interior design ambitions without going over budget, due to the affordability and quality of SAM Wrap products.

The result was a fine country home that combined modern flourishes with a rural aesthetic that reflected the unique beauty of the surrounding area.

The profiles used for this project are made to order and minimum order quantities apply.

➡ Skirting – SAM1440 18mm x 144mm (European white oak)
➡ Architrave – SAM1440 18mm x 69mm plus SAM502 Hockey Stick
➡ Windowboard – SAM1446


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