Luxury Housing Development, Cultra


Des Ewing Architects have designed a housing development for the Lagan Group with over 30 private dwellings in Cultra, Northern Ireland. Residents will enjoy bespoke private houses with an elegant yet modern style.

Fully-finished SAM Trimax, our extremely durable fibreboard, was used for a unique style of cladding, fascia, soffit and decorative bargeboard.  SAM Trimax has an extended performance guarantee with a 50 year warranty on the core product, as well as up to 10 years paint warranty, meaning it will look better for longer and reduce maintenance costs.  SAM Trimax is dimensionally stable so you won’t see any cracked paint due to swelling and shrinking. It is manufactured using a zero formaldehyde resin system and is FSC Certified, so is an environmentally friendly solution.

“We were provided with a good design and fitting instructions service and the site operatives were pleased with the ease of fitting.”
Paul McLaughlin @ Lagan Group

The profiles used for this project are made to order and minimum order quantities apply.

➡ Decorative bargeboard – SAM3364/5 4.88m x 18mm x 435mm
➡ Cladding – SAM2849 Tongue & V-Groove 4.88m x 18mm x 94mm
➡ Cladding capping piece – SAM3362 4.88m x 18mm x 194mm
➡ Decorative window arch – SAM3366/70 1790mm x 18mm x 550mm
➡ Paint – RAL 9011 (Graphite Black)

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