Office Building, Peterborough


“I wish every supplier had a Michael like SAM. Can he be multiplied and a Michael sold to every construction company?”

When GKL Group required high quality and durable water cladding on a large residential building conversion project in Peterborough, SAM Mouldings had just the right product for their needs.


The Project:

To convert a disused three-story office space into residential apartments and add an extra floor.


The Back Story:

GKL Group purchased the old Perkins Engines office block in Peterborough on auction. The building had been vacant and disused for a number of years, and GKL Group received planning permission to renovate the building and turn it into an apartment block.

The scope of the project included knocking through the roof of the building and adding a fourth floor with an additional 14 apartments.

Prior to this project, GKL Group and SAM had not worked together, but the Project Buyer received a requirement to source external waterproof cladding and recalled seeing SAM Trimax staff at the Ecobuild Show in London.


The Challenge:

The building provided a challenge, as well as an opportunity, in that it was large and open plan. The architect had a great deal of space to work with and design in, but there were extra material requirements to consider, especially with the fourth floor build.

“It’s not always easy to fit cladding on an old, red brick building with a curved corner, especially when our team had never installed external cladding before.”


The Solution:

“SAM’s external cladding was not only the right product for our needs, especially with it’s 50 year warranty, but we also benefited from the huge amount of technical support Michael provided. Michael’s input was fantastic. He provided the spec, liaised with our preferred building supplies merchant and sent them the information required for us to get the product at the prices agreed. He even ensured the product was cut to the right sizes with the right colour for us and guided our team technically on installation. The support we received, and the quality of the product were second to none.  At GKL we don’t just go with the mainstream. We look at value, not just the name. Our next step is to work with SAM Zero, SAM’s finished skirting, and architraves, as we complete the building.”



“SAM performed very well on delivery. We actually had a slight issue, as water got between some of the boards when stocked and paint was coming off when they were separated. But this was resolved quickly and painlessly, with no loss of time or money. For us, this just reiterated that we are dealing with a very, very good supplier.”


The Result:

“Considering our team had no experience of installing external cladding before, the installation of the MDF was extremely simple. We relied heavily on Michael’s advice and the quality speaks for itself too.  What started as a challenge has become a superb working relationship and we’ll work closely with SAM again in the future.”

The profiles used for this project are made to order and minimum order quantities apply.

➡ Façade – XC00FF 2.44m x 9mm x 610 (fully finished)
➡ Paint – RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey) / RAL 7042 (Traffic Grey) / RAL 7035 (Pale Grey)


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