SAM Dragon Boat Challenge

DROn a bright and sunny Saturday, 2nd September, a courageous group of SAM team members teamed up with the Cutters Wharf Dragon Boats for an exhilarating competition against other local companies along the River Lagan . Their mission was clear and noble: to raise as much money as possible for individuals battling cancer, supporting the invaluable work of Macmillan Cancer Support.

The event was not just a race; it was a display of camaraderie, determination, and also community spirit. As the races commenced, the enthusiasm was palpable. The SAM team, pushed their limits, cheered on by a supportive crowd of friends and family. Despite having fewer rowers in their boat compared to the other teams, they showcased their prowess and teamwork, managing to reach the semi-finals and securing a commendable third place overall.

Moreover, the team comprised a diverse group of colleagues

  • Andrew Slaine
  • Allan Cunningham
  • Claire Ward
  • Daphne Balmer
  • John Montgomery
  • Kieran McAllister
  • Kevin McCusker
  • Ryan Warren
  • Sean Keenan
  • Simone McAllister

This enthusiastic group was bolstered by several family members who joined to fill the necessary spots.

Following the competition, the celebrations unfolded at the Cutters Wharf beer garden. The team, along with their supporters, enjoyed a well-deserved BBQ and a few pints. It was a day filled with laughter and cheers, woven together by the shared goal of aiding those in need.

Dragon Boats Fundraising Total

As we await the final fundraising totals, early figures indicate that the team has already raised over £1,000. This is a testament to their effort and the generosity of those who contributed. This significant sum will go a long way in helping Macmillan Cancer Support continue their critical work, providing support and resources to those affected by cancer.

The Dragon Boat Charity Race not only served as a platform for raising funds but also reinforced the values of teamwork, community involvement, and the collective pursuit of a greater good. It was a day that those who participated will not soon forget, filled with pride, joy, and the satisfaction of making a tangible difference in the lives of others.


Dragon Boat Charity Race